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Siberia Restaurant Adelaide

Your Chef – Elena

restaruant Adelaide CBD

A few words from Elena : I was born, raised, and educated in Siberia.  I migrated to Australia and Adelaide and fell in love with the city and its environs. I feel like I am in paradise every day I wake up.  Today, in my restaurant I want to share some of what I have learned in my life of “Culinary” with my new city.  It’s as simple as that.

Our restaurant Siberia has no recipes – it just has methodologies of cooking. Its not to say you don’t write things down, but it is about the art and what products you have on hand each week.

Why did I start to cook? As a young girl my father used to take me to the Siberian Forest in the summer. His job was to do ecological surveys of the flora and fauna of various areas. As you can imagine, in the Siberian Forest there are no small villages or any civilisation. We needed to bring everything with us or find it in the forest.

If not, we would go hungry.

While out in the forests my father taught me how to gather foods including berries and mushrooms, what was safe to eat and what was not. He taught me which flowers could make teas and herbal concoctions. He also taught me how to cook the things we gathered and caught using only what was available in the forest.

He also taught me how to fish and how to hunt animals such as rabbits, deer, and even wild pigs. As I grew up, I not only had to hunt, but also learned to skin, gut, and preserve meat. I learned how to spot Bear and Tiger tracks and how to keep away from these animals.

Whatever we gathered if we could not eat it immediately, we needed to preserve it, I learned how to preserve mushrooms, berries, and many flowers.  By the time I was a teenager, I was quite adept at cooking with all the rich tastes in the forest.

This gave me a solid grounding of what types of foods went together and how to understand the methodologies of cooking rather than by recipes.

When I completed my schooling, I went to university and completed a degree in the Economics of Hospitality and my Chef Qualifications., I worked in multiple roles beginning as Apprentice chef, Commis Chef, progressing to, Chef de Partie, Sous Chef and eventually to Head Chef in the Kitchens. I was promoted to become Head of Department (Restaurant) in one of the largest casinos in Russia, responsible for the overall management of two, large scale à la carte Casino Restaurants and several bistros.  When I migrated to Australia my qualifications were not recognised.  I went back to school (TAFE) completed my Australian qualifications and worked in various Australian Restaurants.  I was always searching for a place where I could cook the things I wanted, the way I wanted.  

I opened Siberia with the specific focus of creating the foods I love to eat and in the way I love to see them. We have a Standard Menu focusing on high end cuisine, we have our house specialities, and we also have our degustation menu – which is different to our standard menu items – depending on what interesting things that are the markets each week, we make new and exciting dishes. Who knows when you come for a degustation, we may try out a new menu item on you before it gets to our list of standard items?

We try to cater to all food groups, interestingly having our menu focused on forest style foods and accompaniments – the menu is almost entirely gluten free – The only gluten we have is in the black bread and crepes!

Lastly Siberia has an upstairs bar area called the Siberia Spirit of South Australian Balcony Bar – initially it was going to be a Vodka Bar – with Vodkas imported from all over the world. However – when I realised that there are many distillers in SA with no outlet in the CBD – so the focus of the bar changed from Vodka to South Australian – to date we have over 70 Gins, 8 Rum/Rhumm, 12 whisky’s and 10 Vodkas – all produced in SA as well as Prancing Pony’s entire Beer selection with 6 of them on Tap and of course a great selection of South Australian top wines.

Thank you for coming to my restaurant and I hope you enjoy yourself here tonight